A Convenient Collapsible Earthquake Safety Helmet

Derucap Collapsible Safety Helmet

Derucap Collapsible Safety Helmet 3 Illustrations

The Derucap by Taica Corporation is a super convenient safety helmet that easily pops open when needed and collapses flat when not in use. This type of protection is particularly important in places that have a high risk of unexpected natural disasters. Being that Japan is susceptible to earthquakes (as is California), having the right headgear is crucial.

Simply put on your head and push. …In case of emergency, press for 3 seconds with your head. Lightweight but strong against impact, ensuring safety in case of emergency …The compact type can be stored in a desk drawer or bookshelf. Usually it is flat so you don’t have to worry about storage.

The Derucap collapsible safety helmet is available through the Japan Trend Shop.

Derucap Safety Helmet

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