A Dental Assistant Dog Who Sits With Kids to Provide Comfort During Scary Dentist Appointments

A sweet golden retriever named Aldo who was trained as an emotional assistance dog in the United States, now works for Parque Dental in Quito, Ecuador and provides comfort to children who are afraid of the dentist.

(translated) Aldo is ready to provide his love, tranquility and energy to little patients during their appointments at Parque Dental, the main children’s dentistry center in Quito Ecuador. He has had extensive training to become an emotional therapy dog specialized in children, with education focused on the dental office.

Aldo not only greets clients, but sits with them in the treatment room, where he takes his work very seriously.

Aldo supports the child during the appointment, especially for children with extreme fear of dental treatment or patients with special needs.


Nuestro ?? Aldo entrega y recibe el cariño y cuidado de todos. Odontología infantil #CreandoExperienciasPositivas @Habilidades Caninas

? sonido original – ParqueDental

Cuando nos preguntan si el esfuerzo que hacemos para el viaje de Aldo vale la pena ?…Nos quedan siempre hemosos momentos que nuestros pequeños se llevan de sus citas ??. Aldo y nuestra querida paciente Ginger ??

? Dust in the Wind – Instrumental Players

Y que sean tan gratificantes tambien. #CitaConAldo

? original sound – VoicePlay
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