A Quick Brown Deer Jumps Over the Family Dog

The video doorbell at Army veteran David A. Coen‘s Kansas home captured really amusing footage of a skittish fawn quickly jumping over the family dog named Jade without breaking a stride. The little deer approached the door and then retreated just as quickly, running around the dog on the way back. Evidently, the fawn had been grazed by a slow moving car and in a panic.

Coen spoke with CBS News about this incident.

An Olathe, Kansas homeowner was surprised to find his dog had a close encounter with a deer that suddenly appeared on the family’s front porch and jumped over the elderly black Lab. …the experience – captured by their Ring security camera – took place late in December when he was home with his 2-year-old granddaughter and 91-year-old mother. …The 10-year-old Lab Jade doesn’t seem too concerned when the deer’s hooves clear her head. She just wags her tail and wanders over to sniff the trail the deer left behind.

Deer Jumps Over Dog