Hilarious Footage of the Members of Deep Purple Lip Syncing Their Smash Hit ‘Hush’ in 1968

At some point in 1968, the members of the nascent Deep Purple (Mark 1) were having a great time lip-syncing and pretending to play the instruments on their own smash hit “Hush” while near swimming pool, possibly Deeves Hall in Hertfordshire.

Singer Rod Evans was clad in a swimsuit and towel while the rest of the band was fully dressed and mimicking their part in the song however they could. Except for Ritchie Blackmore, who did hang onto his guitar. Once Evans dropped the towel, he dove into the swimming pool. An oddly smiling Blackmore tried to fish the vocalist out. Keyboardist Jon Lord played everything in sight. A fun time for all.

Check out this recently discovered film clip of early Mark 1 Deep Purple from October 1968 performing their smash hit ‘Hush’.

via John Law