Dave Grohl Hilariously Considers Becoming a Solo Artist Amid Rumors of Foo Fighters Breakup

In order to dispel swirling rumors of a band breakup after the Oscar Awards, the Foo Fighters pushed back with a hilarious video in which an overdressed Dave Grohl entertained the thought of becoming a solo artist, while the rest of the band held a brain storming session about who should replace him.

We can find somebody. This is the core right here. Hagar. What about Gwen? …Should we go Corrigan? …Chris Cornell, Eddie…Phil Collins. The original. The original drummer comes out front bigger than ever now. What’s Jane’s Addiction doing now? …Should we get a little outside of the box? Bieber.

After Grohl performed his future hits “Phony Baloney” and “Free to Be Me” and the rest of the band jammed with a very willing Nick Lachey, the Foo Fighters made their long-awaited official band announcement.

Grohl’s solo performance at the Oscars

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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