Darcy the Flying Hedgehog

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog and Skull

While hedgehogs are known to be quite prickly, both physically and metaphorically, Darcy the Flying Hedgehog only seems to be prickly on the outside. She’s sweet and cuddly while striking a pose for her human pal Shota Tsukamoto who takes beautiful photos of her, each one telling a different story.

“I imagine a page from a children’s picture book,” explains Shota. “I want (@darcytheflyinghedgehog) to be a surrealistic story and I even want people to question whether or not Darcy really exists in real life.” For example, his favorite shot of Darcy is of her sitting face-to-face with a skull object. “No matter how many times I look back at this shot, I can never seem to imagine what the two are talking about,” he says. He also does not add captions to his photos because he wants to encourage people to come up with their own stories about Darcy.

Darcy the Hedgehog Pumpkin

Darcy and Brush

Darcy and Pinwheel

Darcy and Spiders

photos by Shota Tsukamoto

via Instagram Blog

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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