The Disembodied Digital Head of Danny Elfman Sings About Being ‘Happy’ in a Really Spooky Music Video

Danny Elfman Happy

In the music video for his song “Happy”, a disembodied digital head of the great Danny Elfman appeared against a black background with a sinister look. As he sang about the joys in life, his face (and subsequent body) underwent a series of creepy changes that became even darker with the lyrics of the song.

I’m so happy— Happy!
Everything is crumbling (crumbling,crumbling)…
Eye for an eye, Tooth for a tooth —
It’s never enough, but it’s never the truth
Life is a treat so pretty and pink….

This really spooky video was directed by Aron Johnson. Berit Gilma was responsible for art direction and Sarah Sitkin did the amazing 3D digital photography.