A Bullied Man Who Likes to Tell ‘Dad Jokes’ Turns His Frown Upside Down in a Brilliant Parody of ‘Joker’

The Dad, who offers funny takes on modern parenting, has created an absolutely brilliant parody of the trailer for the upcoming psychological thriller Joker. Like the titular character of the film, the main character of this parody likes to make people laugh with silly “dad jokes”. Despite being repeatedly being beaten for his predilection, the finger-pulling father turns his frown upside down with a made-up face and full retinue of corny riddles.

Dad Jokes will never go out of style, and long as you just… smile. They don’t think dad jokes are funny? Wait till they get a load of this

Here’s the trailer for Joker.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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