Dad Creates a Robotic Seagull Camera So His Kids Can Get a Closer Look at the Birds Without Getting Pooped On

Mike Evans, the dad behind “The Secret Dad Society” has created the wonderful Scuttlecam, a papier-mâché seagull mounted to the chassis of a remote-controlled car with a small camera attached to allow both his kinds and him to get get a closer look at the seafaring birds “without the threat of being pooped on or pecked at.”

We aptly named our goofy creation the Scuttlecam, after the famously wacky seagull from The Little Mermaid. The seagulls definitely took an interest in the Scuttlecam. They were weary at first, but after a few minutes they seemed to warm up. As more and more seagulls arrive this fall, it should be even easier for the Scuttlecam to blend right into the crowd and get some great undercover video!

While the birds were receptive to the Scuttlecam on its first expedition, the second one did not prove to be as fruitful.

I’ve been keeping the Scuttlecam in the trunk, because you just never know when you’ll come across parking lot seagulls eager to make new friends. It worked out the other day, as we happened upon a rather large flock on the way out of a grocery center parking lot. Unfortunately, the seagulls weren’t interested in the least, although we did get the attention of a white SUV that drove over to take a closer look.

via Boing Boing