Dachshund Siblings Compete Against One Another Other in the Adorable ‘Weinerlympics’ Games

In celebration of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, his brother Oakley and little sister Daphne participated in the very adorable “Weinerlympics” games. The doxie trio took part in events such as swimming, weight lifting, fencing, high diving, track and field, and wrestling.

Surprisingly enough, Oakley took the lead in most of the games, although Daphne took a close second. For the most part, Crusoe was happy to sit on the sidelines and watch, particularly during the water events.

Crusoe and Daphne rejoin with Oakley for the first official Wienerlympics games, which are like the Olympics but instead are dedicated for the dogs. And of course, all dogs were safe and comfortable in everything we did. Oakley loves swimming (and jumping in the water), and Daphne too is a swimmer. Crusoe is not as much a fan of being in the water so he decided not to race that one!

Wienerlympics Crusoe Oakly and Daphne