Beautiful Custom Cutting Boards Shaped Like Guitars

Dave Stencil Guitar Cutting Boards

Craftsman Dave Stencil of Cutting Boredom elevates the simple kitchen cutting board into a higher art. Among his wonderful (and punderful) creations are beautiful custom inlay boards shaped like two different electric guitars (without necks) — the iconic Les Paul SG and Taylor SB. Stencil also crafted a board in the shape of an acoustic guitar. Each board is completely customizable in terms of size and wood and are available for purchase through Stencil’s Cutting Boredom Etsy store.

Dinner is going to ROCK when made with this custom guitar body cutting board. A perfect gift for the musician in your life, these SB [and LP] style guitar body cutting boards are made from a variety of wood inlay to create the color options.

Les Paul Cutting Board Knife

SB Guitar Shaped Inlay Cutting Board Knife

Acoustic Guitar Cutting Board

LP Guitar Shaped Cutting Board Knife

LP Guitar Shaped Cutting Board Length

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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