Custom Handmade Knitted Sweaters Made for Mugs

Mug Sweater - Purple

The Mug Sweater is a clever handmade knitted sweater made just for mugs created by Nananowe who was first inspired by a beloved mug that was put out of commission due to a crack in its façade.

My husband is a real coffee lover, and he has a cute big coffee mug. He drinks coffee from that mug every morning and every lunchtime. One day, his muggie friend got a little bit cracked. He kept Muggie on his desk as a pen-holder, but it looked a bit lonely to me. I was staring at it for a while, and started to wonder how I could make his Muggie happy again.
I made my mind up to knit a sweater for it! And that’s the story of how the first mug sweater was born. :-)

Mug Sweaters are available in variety of colors and can be custom ordered via the the Mug Sweater Etsy Shop. Also included is a knitting pattern that can be downloaded with any purchase.

Mug Sweater - Aqua Monogram

Mug Sweater - Camel

Mug Sweater - Kangaroo

Mug Sweaters - Christmas

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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