A Clever Automated Kinetic Calendar That Uses a Cryptic Font to Show the Date, Month and Day of Week

Wolfspaw Woodworks built an amazing “Cryptic Auto-Calendar”. This kinetic calendar uses three increasingly larger rotating rings to show the date, month and day of the week in a rather cryptic font, hence the name. Wolfspaw stated that he was inspired by both a Cryptic Calendar by cfb70 and an Automated Perpetual Calendar by tomatoskins.

This is a remix of two great calendar Instructables. The first is the tomatoskins Automated Perpetual Calendar and the second is the cfb70 Cryptic Calendar. …The resulting calendar is 75% scale of the original tomatoskins version and features a completely enclosed housing. A small internal fan keeps the idling steppers cool. It can be wall mounted or it can mount to a stand. I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to design all of the parts.

Wolfspaw stated that they will not be making kits for these calendars, but instructions are available to independently build one for yourself.

I won’t be producing any kits and this Instructable and its references are the only “instructions”. There are 3-D printer services out there. I believe some UPS Stores are now offering 3-D printing.

Cryptic Auto Calendar

Cryptic Automated Calendar

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Lori Dorn
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