Super Cuddly Crocheted Plush Octopuses

Plush Crocheted Octopuses Burnt Orange

Yarn artist Loren Ver has created a wonderful line of cuddly crocheted plush octopuses that are completely handmade with eight soft arms to hug. Ver sells her crocheted original cephalopods through her Etsy shop but will also happily take custom orders.

This Cute plush octopus will be wonderful as a gift for anyone and for any occasion. But it’s an especially great gift for an octopus lover. It can be made in any of 66 colors. Just choose which one would you like.

Ver stated that her grandmother taught her how to crochet and it’s an art she does with joy.

Each toy is made in a good mood, kissed on the nose, and carefully packaged as a gift. Toy designer Loren Ver has been creating woolen and plush characters since 2008. Since then, they have pleased their owners around the world.

Plush Crocheted Octopuses Purple and Green
Plush Crocheted Octopuses Green
Plush Crocheted Octopuses Pink
Plush Crocheted Octopuses Trio

via So Super Awesome