An Entrancing Cover of ‘Interstellar’ on Cristal Baschet

French musician Marc Chouarain, founder of Le Studio Féerique, performed a beautifully entrancing cover of the Hans Zimmer theme from the film Interstellar on a Cristal Baschet. This hypnotic performance during the second iteration of Studio Féerique Live.

The Sound of the Universe? Interstellar Theme with the Cristal Baschet.

As we mentioned in a previous post about the Cristal Baschet, this curious instrument, which was created in 1952 by French brothers François and Bernard Baschet, uses metal and glass rods, heavy plates, and springs to create multi-timbre percussive sounds.

Chouarain offered an introduction to the instrument with songs from his band ANiMEiTiD.

Created by the Baschet Brothers in the 50’s, it’s a marvellous musical instrument and piece of art. I play it on soundtracks I compose (« Breathe », « Galveston » by Mélanie Laurent) and with my band ANiMEiTiD. Enjoy listening !

Chouarain also did a bit of improvisation on the instrument in May of 2020.

Marc Chouarain testing his Cristal Baschet with 2 metallic diffusers at the Studio Féerique in Paris.