Coyote Peterson Takes His Excited Daughter on a Nighttime Creature Adventure in the Arizona Desert

While on location in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson took his very excited eight-year-old daughter Pup on a nighttime adventure to see all the local creepy-crawly animals. In preparation, Peterson took along a flashlight, a blacklight and a snake stick, just in case they encountered a diamondback rattler. Instead they conveniently encountered a giant centipede and a tarantula just a few steps outside their door.

Nope, that is a giant desert centipede, Not quite as big as the one that we featured in an episode last year, but wow, that shows you how biodiverse this ecosystem is, here in the Sonoran Desert. Walked right out the front gate and came across the first animal of the night, the one that gives me nightmares, that’s for sure. …And now we’re gonna turn our attention to the wall right there. And most people may see what this is, a giant spider on the side of your house and be absolutely terrified. …It’s all arachnids tonight. Giant desert centipede, tarantula, black widow, ants, solpugid, scorpion.