Coyote Peterson Lets a Ferocious Bullet Ant Sting Him With the Most Painful Sting of All Insects

At the culmination of his masochistic quest to endure the most painful insect sting, Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson bravely coaxed an unwilling bullet ant to sting him. The bullet ant, according to Peterson and documented by the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, is known to have the most painful sting of all stinging insects.

With much ANTicipation surrounding his climb to the top of the insect sting pain index, the moment has finally arrived for Coyote to experience the sting that is said to feel like “being shot by a gun” and last for over 24 hours. Will the intensity of the Bullet Ant sting match its legendary status?

Here’s a look back at Peterson’s successful journey to the top of the Insect Pain Index.