Unique Couple in Port Townsend, Washington Happily Live As If They Were in the 19th Century Victorian Era

Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman of Port Townsend, Washington a unique couple in that they prefer to happily live their lives as if they were in the 19th Century. Their home is from the Victorian era, their clothing is made in the Victorian style and they prepare their food on the wood stove in their kitchen. Both Sarah and Gabriel have stated that they are not trying to completely re-create the era, but instead, live their own lives as they see fit.

“I found a way to do a little bit of the time travel,” said Sarah, a writer. She and her librarian husband — who rides a penny-farthing bicycle around town — hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.

While the Chrismans are very content, they have received a great deal of criticism for their lifestyle. Wisely, they choose to ignore those who have something negative to say.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

Lori is a Laughing Squid Contributing Editor based in New York City who has been writing blog posts for over a decade. She also enjoys making jewelry, playing guitar, taking photos and mixing craft cocktails.