Polyglot Surprises Locals in Midtown Manhattan With His Fluency in Corporate Jargon

Xiaomanyc, a polyglot who is proficient in many languages, taught himself how to speak perfect corporate jargon. He then went into the busy corporate world of midtown Manhattan to surprise the locals with his fluency. He used his newly-found language skills on the phone, with the people working the counter of a coffee shop, with his tailor, and during an interview with his friend.

I’ve studied some of the most complex languages in the world but this week I took on my biggest challenge yet: learning to speak fluent corporate jargon. ..I had to practice by surprising locals in the ancestral homeland of this unusual dialect, midtown Manhattan.

Corporate Jargon Fluency
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

Lori is a Laughing Squid Contributing Editor based in New York City who has been writing blog posts for over a decade. She also enjoys making jewelry, playing guitar, taking photos and mixing craft cocktails.