A Humorously Satisfying Coronavirus Shaped Piñata

Coronavirus Pinata Six Feet

The Misshapen Brand has created a hilarious piñata shaped just like the Coronavirus. This amusing replica can hold up to five pounds of candy within. Since so many of us need to take our frustrations out in a constructive manner, what better way is there than to beat up the virus with a stick? Besides, the best way to take bullies down is to make fun of them – and this piñata certainly does that and even gives up a reward at the end.

Bash the coronavirus into oblivion! Smash this sturdy pinata over and over and over again!

Coronavirus Pinata

Coronavirus Pinata Kids

Misshapen is also selling an ice cube tray that results in Coronavirus shaped ice for drinks.

Coronavirus Ice Cube Tray Clear

Coronavirus Ice Cube Tray Drink

Coronavirus Ice Cube Tray

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