A Pack of Adorable Corgi Puppies Take Over Yoga Class

A pack of adorable Corgi puppies joined a yoga class at Sirdies Joga in Vilnius, Lithuania, causing disruption everywhere they went.

(translated) Yoga with the little Corgis was very cheerful and positive! From the first seconds, the little ones ran to the participants…This time, several yoga girls with long hair were exceptionally lucky, because their little friends did not leave them alone until they at least shortened the ends of their hair a little.

While it seems like a great idea, these little pups may have been too chaotic for the focused moves. Perhaps yoga with calmer dogs or even goat yoga is a better way to go.


Štai kokie p?kuoti kamuoliukai pas mus lank?si! Labai džiaugiam?s, kad Puppy yogos d?ka žmon?s ne tik prisipildo laim?s hormon? bet ir susipaž?sta su ?vairiomis veisl?mis! ?? Volfšpico mažyliai iš veislyno “Prie Svetlicos” ??

? Happy Cute & Playful – Yevhen Lokhmatov
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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