The Distinctive Architecture of Copenhagen Knitted Into an Incredible Giant Multi-Paneled Handmade Blanket

Australian yarn artist Jake Henzler of Boy Knits World has knitted “Copenhagen Building Blocks” an incredible giant blanket made up of smaller panels. Each grid reflects the distinctive architecture found within different districts of Copenhagen. The pattern for this incredible piece is available through Revelry.

This is a series of six grid patterns for knitted blocks, which can be sewn together into larger panels such as blankets. You can make each of the panels in a variety of colours, but the grids are also designed so that you can mix and match features to create new building blocks. Each block pattern is named after a district in Copenhagen: (from top left) Nørrebro Studios, Nørreport Offices, Østerbro Studios, Hellerup Apartments, Nyhavn Hotel, Frederiksberg Apartments.

Henzler had spent a year in Copenhagen in 2018 and wanted something to remember it by before returning home to Sydney.

I’m headed back to Sydney in about a month and this is going to be a great memento of my year in Copenhagen.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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