The Likely Consequences of Sending So Many Forms of Obsolete Technology Into Space For So Many Years

Space Junk End of Space Kurzgesagt

The highly informative design house Kurzgesagt explains via colorful animation, how so many years of sending various types of obsolted technology into space has created a very dangerous problem that may prevent future launches for a long time. Further, this amount of space junk could lead to a crippling chain reaction of that could wipe out existing satellites and create a deadly barrier of space shrapnel circling the Earth that travels faster than any bullet. Not all is lost however, this process could take a great deal of time and there are a number of remedies available should we opt to use them.

So there have been a couple of wild but also serious suggestions about how to remove as much deadly space junk as possible without creating more in the process. Lots of ideas are being thrown around and some of the most seriously considered involve capture and return missions, which are being tested now. …Whatever technology we use at the end, we better start doing something soon, before 100 million bullets become a trillion and the trap is set. If we don’t act, our adventure in space might end before it’s even begun