Comparing the Sound of Pianos at Price Points Starting at $499 Reaching Incrementally Upward to $2,500,000

Gifted pianist Lord Vinheteiro who always stares straight into the camera during his video performances, performed an interesting experiment in which he played a number of different pianos at different price points to show the difference in sound.

He first started with a very used Baldwin upright piano that cost $499, incrementally increasing the price on each piano ($2,400, $50,000, $112,000 and $250,000) until he reached the Steinway & Sons “Pictures at an Exhibition” at a heart-stopping price of $2,500,000.

Can you hear the difference between cheap and expensive pianos? I started the video by playing in a cheap piano, and then in the more expensive ones. I played 6 different pianos. Can you hear any difference in sound? Which one has the best sound?