Colorful Drinking Glasses That Bring Fantastic Interstellar Nebulae Back Down to Earth

Nebula Glass Set

Think Geek has created a fantastic set of glassware with each glass in the set representing a unique interstellar nebula as photographed by NASA. Included are the Veil Nebula, Butterfly Nebula, The Helix Nebula and the Seahorse Nebula.

The set is currently available for pre-order for delivery in October 2016 and pairs perfectly with their previous offering of beautiful planetary glasses.

This Nebula Glasses Set lets you start your day gazing on the wonder of space as captured by NASA’s telescopes. These glasses are decorated with four nebulae: the Veil, the Butterfly, the Helix, and the Seahorse. (We’re using their friendly names because, “Pass me the glass with the image of the nebula near NGC 2074” is too complicated a request before coffee.) Each holds 10 ounces, but if we end up in zero-g, all bets are off.


Nebula Glass Set

Nebula 1

images via ThinkGeek