River Basins of the World Brightly Color Coded in Gorgeously Lush Maps


Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs has created a beautiful line of downloadable, high-resolution maps that feature brightly colored river basins of different countries that create a gorgeously lush effect. The maps are created with open source and image editing software and are available through the Grasshopper Geography Etsy store.

High quality digital map prints from a geographer. …I’m a Geographer and GIS Analyst and like to combine my work with a lifelong passion for beautiful maps. I use open-source Geographic Information System and image editing software such as QGIS and GIMP to create my maps/art, working in my free time, at night, or when I’m between two jobs. :) It would make me really proud knowing my maps are hanging on walls all around the world.




via Boing Boing