Couple Adopts Cat Thinking He’d Be Independent Like Most Cats But Instead Was Clingy in the Sweetest Way

A couple adopted a sweet little tabby cat named Wilbur, who they thought would be super independent and do his own thing like most cats. Instead, he immediately fell in love with his adopted dad while his adopted mom was out of town and became very clingy in the process. Despite his clinginess, Wilbur is well-attuned to the needs of his humans.

My husband just raised him basically, so it’s really sweet. He’s very emotionally aware. When we’re having a hard day he comes around immediately. He is crazy clingy… if we’re going to bed, he’s there. If we’re in the kitchen, he’s there on the counter trying to get involved. If we’re on the couch watching a movie, he is there. He’ll stay there for an entire movie.

Clingy Cat