Classic Footage of Rosa Parks Appearing on the ‘To Tell the Truth’ Television Show in 1980

In 1980, the great Rosa Parks appeared on the classic television game show To Tell the Truth. Ms. Parks was part of a team that included herself and 2 imposters, who answered questions posed by a celebrity panel who then later used the information they gathered in order to determine which of the three was the “real Rosa Parks“. The celebrity panel consisted of Nipsey Russell, Gordon Jump, Kitty Carlisle and Tiiu Leek. Jump was the only one to guess correctly while Russell disqualified himself for knowing the great woman, but not before giving Ms. Parks a beautiful compliment.

I have to disqualify myself. I know Ms. Parks and I was one of the entertainers that was on that show between Selma and Montgomery and it was Harry Belafonte who organized it. …but Miss Rose is ten feet tall and she’s a legend and a hero for the democracy in the United States, not just for black people.

via JF Ptak, Kottke