Christopher Walken Finally Introduces Foo Fighters the Correct Way During His Return to Saturday Night Live

Legendary actor Christopher Walken made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live on October 28, 2023 (his first time back on the show since 2008) and finally introduced Foo Fighters the correct way before they performed their new song “Rescued”.

Musical guest Foo Fighters perform “Rescued” on Saturday Night Live.

Christopher Walken Foo Fighters

This proper pronunciation of the band’s name was a callback to 2003 when the actor had a bit of difficulty with their name. In 2017, Dave Grohl recalled that Walken was unclear as to where the accent lay on Foo Fighters, doing a spot-on impression of Walken’s distinctive voice.

There was once when we did Saturday Night Live and Christopher Walken was the host and he comes up and…he asked us if the accent was on Foo or Fighters. we know how he speaks and we said the accent is on Fighters…because he goes up and he’s like ‘ladies and gentlemen Foo Fighters‘.

On the same episode of SNL, Walken appeared as a “Spirit of Halloween” vampire to read a trick-or-treat poem to President Joe Biden.