Chico the Sloth Hangs Out With Dolphins at the Texas State Aquarium While It Is Closed to the Public

While the Texas State Aquarium is closed to the public, like other zoos and aquariums, the incredibly popular resident two-toed sloth named Chico was given the opportunity to visit the aquatic side of the center and hang out with the big fish and aquatic animals. Comfy on his portable tree, Chico also got to meet the dolphins outside, many of whom took quite a liking to him.

As a bit of a local celebrity, Chico can’t tour the Aquarium on most days without being mobbed by his adoring fans. But with our temporary closing, our sleepy sloth Chico was treated to an eye-opening adventure through our Gulf of Mexico exhibits!

Chico and Dolphin

Chico and Shark

Chico and Jelly

Chico and Imitating Dolphin

Chico and Upside Down Dolphin

Dolphin Says Hello to Chico

via CNET

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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