The Robotic Church, A Site-Specific Installation in Brooklyn Where Pneumatic Sculptures Come to Life

Artist Chico MacMurtrie of Amorphic Robot Works created “The Robotic Church”, a site-specific installation in which pneumatic sculptures eerily came to life in a former Norwegian Seaman’s church located in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The Robotic Church is an immersive experience featuring 42 kinetic robots ranging from 12 inches to 15 feet in size, hung from the walls, scattered on the floor, climbing to the ceiling and overpowering the space with an impressive cacophony of sound. Humanoid in form, each robot functions to perform a unique task, creating its own individual noise to contribute to the orchestral whole.

Body Rope Climber

Drumming and Drawing Subhuman

Drumming Tabla

Dog Monkeys

via The Creators Project