Cats and Dogs Express Their Deepest Thoughts, Memories and Opinions About the Holiday Season

In a very season-appropriate video, the always witty Ze Frank hilariously narrates the deepest thoughts, memories and opinions that cats and dogs have about the holidays. One interbreed couple talks about when one of them consumed tinsel, a dog complains about a prickly massage his well-meaning feline partner is giving to him and a couple of stoned cats ruminate about the health benefits of catnip.

Stone Catnip Kitty PetTalk Holiday Ze Frank

One forthright mouse-chasing feline logically elaborated on the hypocrisy of humans during the season.

I grab the mouse I let it go I grab it again and again and again and that’s what I do. But I always felt judged that I messed with its head before I kill it. But check this out they decapitate a tree right, and then they keep it alive with sugar water, then they put all kinds of crap on it right to weigh it down and humiliate it. And then here’s the kicker they put wrap boxes all around it. You know what? They’re made out of cardboard and paper. Dead trees and they keep it alive like this for like a month before they toss it on the street I mean it’s so hardcore so yeah no I mean I totally get the Christmas spirit.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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