A Beautiful Hand Cut Paper Zoetrope That Shows the Full Metamorphosis of a Caterpillar to Butterfly

Metamorphasis Zoetrope

Dutch artists Veerle Coppoolse is crafting an absolutely beautiful hand cut 3D paper zoetrope that shows the multi-step metamorphosis of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Coppoolse came up with this idea while she was recovering from a broken spine due a paragliding accident, brilliantly likening her healing process to that of a forming butterfly.

Butterflies have always fascinated me. It seems wondrous and surreal that a caterpillar can evolve into a beautiful flying butterfly. I used to dream of being able to fly like that. … I decided to take paragliding lessons. During the landing of my first solo flight, I fell from the sky and broke my spine. .. It makes me realize that in this process of creation, as in every process in life, every phase needs its time and space to develop naturally and emerge from its cocoon. If you would take a butterfly out of its cocoon, she would not be able to fly. She needs the struggle of crawling out of the cocoon to let the force that will give her the strength to fly, flow through her wings.

Coppoolse is currently raising money through the crowdfunding site voordekunst (for the art) to help her fully realize her vision.

The total costs of the construction of Metamorphosis Zoetrope attraction are around 23,000 euros. These costs consist of; a tailor-made trailer, a revolving attraction with conversion and materials for the cage in the middle.

via Colossal