Man Builds a Catio Treehouse for His Cats

Chris Burton of Half-Asleep Chris built a nifty backyard treehouse using a dug-out tree for a catio that he built for his beloved cats Ralph and Bella. The treehouse included shelves for perching, platforms for climbing and other feline appropriate accoutrements.

I built my cats Ralph and Bella a large catio, including shelves, climbing platforms, a bubble dome, hammocks, tents, and a cat-sized treehouse!

The family had moved into a new home and unfortunately, Ralph and Bella were stuck inside, so Chris sought out a small tree that would fit in his yard. He then repurposed unused items from the previous catio to see if they would garner interest within a different context. Bella fell in love with the new setup, while Ralph decided to reserve judgement until he was feeling better.

Bella was first out, heading straight to the top.  She’s definitely the braver of the two cats, keen to sniff every surface  and corner of the catio,  including the top of the sail. Ralph however is way less  comfortable with new things, and seemed pretty overwhelmed. I don’t want to unnecessarily stress him out as he’s had some health issues lately, but I’m sure he’ll find everything in his own time …. For Bella at least, it was a certified hit, she loved it. She loved the platforms, she loved the tree… but most of all, and it’s with great joy that I tell you this,  Bella loved the bubble dome. It was completely ignored in   the old catio