A Confused Cat Cautiously Swipes at a Chocolate Covered Donut As If It Were an Enemy

Simon Cat Afraid of Donut

A really cute cat named Simon became a bit confused by a chocolate covered donut that was sitting on the kitchen counter, tentatively swiping at it as if it were an enemy that would strike back. Feeling a bit mischievous, Simon’s human Shannon Bachar moved the donut slightly causing poor Simon to jump back very quickly before cautiously approaching again.

Donut be afraid of a donut…My cat Simon freaked when we brought out a Krispy Kreme! Don’t worry, we never gave it to him.

Normally, Simon is pretty fearless. He has no problem sitting next to the humidifier, hanging out in the laundry basket, playing on the washing machine, or sitting in the window. He just doesn’t like donuts.