A Leaping Black Cat Slides Across the Counter Taking Her Human’s Tax Papers With Her

Cat Tax Papers

While David Fritz was concentrating on his taxes, his beautiful black cat Nyx decided to sneak up and surprise him by jumping onto the counter where was working. Unfortunately, Nyx overshot her mark and lost her footing, which caused her to go over the other side of the counter, taking a bunch of Fritz’s very organized papers with her. The footage was caught with Fritz’s Nest cam which shows the whole debacle in its frustrating glory.

Caught on David’s Nest camera, the three-year-old furball jumps on some cardboard boxes before taking up a pouncing position on Tuesday February 21. After leaping to the desk David is working on, all four paws land on the sprawled tax papers causing Nyx to slide straight off the wooden counter leaving her stunned dad to utter a curse word.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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