An Elderly Cat Returns Home to Her Beloved Human Over 13 Years After Mysteriously Going Missing

In 2005, Janet Adamowicz had let her adorable 4-year-old tabby named Boo outdoors and then never heard from her again. Brokenhearted, Adamowicz looked long and hard for Boo, placing ads in the paper and plastering posters on lampposts with Boo’s likeness.

Adamowicz had all but given up hope when after 13 years, she received a phone call from a vet’s office over 40 miles away stating that Boo had been turned in by an anonymous woman who saw the cat lurking about in another town. Human and cat reunited in the most loving way. Most importantly, however, is that Boo finally came home.

…I just assumed that I wouldn’t see her again. I was absolutely heartbroken and thought about her so much over 13 years and last Thursday I got a phone call from the vet in Pocklington to say that my stray cat had turned up. So I said I had two cats and they were still at home with me and I lived 40 miles away. So we checked all the details out and they said that it was Boo. Tt was my cat and she was now 17 years of age …she’d been missing for 13 years …she opened the cage and everybody says that she knew me she was like rubbing my face and they everybody says that she just recognized me.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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