An Orange Tabby Cat Lives in a Chicken Coop After Being Banished by the Alpha Male of the Farm

A beautiful orange tabby cat appropriately named Outlander has found a safe and comfortable home in the chicken coop after the alpha male cat at the White House on the Hill farm in Easton, Missouri banished him for good. Outlander is a happy cat who doesn’t mind bunking with the chickens, in fact, the orange tabby is much happier now that he doesn’t have to face a contentious battle every time he wants to eat. He just eats with the birds.

…he lives with the chickens. We’ve never had that happen before, but we have some males that are mean to him and they basically banished him from the rest of our cats and so his option was to hide under the front deck and then just sneak around for food every once in a while. So he started sneaking in here to the chicken yard and eating the chicken food so he could get some food throughout the day because he couldn’t get to the cat food.