A Wonderfully Elaborate Cat Feeding Rube Goldberg Machine Constructed Out of Common Household Items

In the first episode of his viewer suggestion series, What’s Your Problem?, inventor Joseph Herscher of Joseph’s Machines, who has previously built a streamlined cake server, a turkey preparing machine and a busy person lunch feeder, decided to make his friend’s cat’s feeding time a bit more adventurous as well.

If you forget to feed your cat, no worries… here’s a machine to feed them, problem solved! What’s Your Problem? is a new series in which Joseph and his team solve kids’ really annoying problems by making hilarious contraptions out of everyday household objects.

This machine, like his others, incorporates key Rube Goldberg principles of tiny chain reactions that eventually lead to the smashing of contents of a can of cat food at the wall. Gravity and a hungry kitty take over from there.

This machine was a bit more challenging than his previous machines, as demonstrated by Herscher in a funny behind-the-scenes video.