A Nostalgic Set of Cassette Mix Tape Kitchen Sponges

Mix Tape Cassette Sponges

Unique retailer Fred is selling a nostalgic set of kitchen sponges that look like classic cassette mix tapes. Each cassette has a clever name scrawled on the label stickers such as “Spruce Springclean”, “‘NSink”, “Sponge N’ Hoses”, and “Greasy Boys”.

The sponges are sold as a pack of four inside a retro boombox case.

Don’t get wound up about doing the dishes! Fred’s MIX TAPES sponges will help you face the music. Each 3” x 4.5” sponge has three hard-working layers to get your dishes so fresh and so clean! Includes 4 quality sponges packed in retro boombox packaging.

Mix Tapes Sponges