Casey Neistat Gives a Comprehensive Tour of the Lufthansa First Class Experience

Using miles to upgrade his ticket to Germany, filmmaker Casey Neistat gave a fully comprehensive tour of the Lufthansa first class experience in a manner similar to his tour of the Emirates Airlines experience. Neistat started in the lounge where he met up with mutual fan Wesley Snipes, fellow vlogger Marques Brownlee and model Karlie Kloss. After enjoying a good meal, Neistat took a shower, boarded the flight and promptly went to sleep on what later called “a great bed”. When he woke up, he gave the experience two thumbs up.

This is the first-class cabin. It’s the front tip of the nose of the 747. …my seat
fantastic.. It big and comfortable…all right we’re taking off and so far this first-class experience has been amazing.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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