Frustrated Cartoon Rabbit Pursues His On-Screen Carrot Nemesis in Real Life After the Work Day Is Over

Rabbit Chases Carrot

“Afterwork” is a brilliant short film by Luis Usón and Andrés Aguilar that features wonderful animation by Matte CG to tell the story of a frustrated rabbit named Groompy who finds himself in a rut.

He’s the star of a Looney Tunes style cartoon “Groompy and Yummy”, but after his work is done, every day looks exactly the same. It’s only when his on-screen carrot nemesis taunts him in “real life” that Groompy learns that change isn’t always good.

Groompy is a rabbit playing the lead in a popular cartoon series. But after work his life is dull and monotonous. One night the object he so much desires appears in front of him… the carrot from the cartoons.

via Vimeo Staff Picks