Cana One, A Customizable Beverage Printer That Creates Drinks Using a Single Ingredient Cartridge

Cana Beverage Printer

The Cana One is an innovative countertop beverage printer that creates hundreds of different customizable drinks on a molecular level using a single recyclable ingredient cartridge and without any wasteful pods or other refill containers.

Cana launches Cana One, the world’s first molecular beverage printer, giving everyone the ability to print thousands of beverages from their kitchen – with zero trash from plastic, aluminum and glass containers

The technology is based upon the fact that all drinks are made mostly of water. With a great deal of study, the scientists at Cana have figured out how to isolate molecular compounds behind the taste, aroma, and mouth feel of thousands of drinks so that they are ready at the press of a button.

Cana scientists identified and isolated the specific trace compounds that drive flavor and aroma for thousands of unique commercially available beverages. They created the world’s first universal beverage ingredient set, which recreates thousands of different drinks using a simplified set of ingredients that can be printed out of a long-lasting ingredient cartridge.

The process for making a custom drink is very simple. Just choose a beverage from the digital screen on the Cana and press the button. Easy-peasy.

Cana One Kitchen