A Sleeping Calf Softly Snores on His Human’s Lap While Waiting to See the Veterinarian

While waiting to see the veterinarian, a rescued calf named Mike put his head onto his human Dan’s lap and promptly fell asleep, letting out adorable soft snores. Mike had been surrendered to the Barn Sanctuary in Chelsea, Michigan by a local farmer who could not care for Mike’s multiple health issues.

Local farmer surrendered this lucky boy from slaughter because of his health. With swollen infected joints, cataracts in both eyes, and blind in one eye he will now find a forever home at Barn Sanctuary.

Under the care of the Barn Sanctuary, Mike had his cataracts removed in November 2017 and was able to see grass for the very first time.

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He also had the opportunity to meet his new brothers and sisters on the farm.

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