A Yawning Brown Bear Slowly Takes a Seat Next to a Group of Riverside Photographers in Alaska

Alaska Department of Fish and Game employee Drew Hamilton captured the amazing sight of a very slow-moving brown bear who eventually took a seat next to a group of photographers who were sitting by the shore of the McNeil River in Katmai National Park and Preserve. The bear took a brief look at the occupied river and then moved on with a little encouragement by Hamilton.

A brown bear at McNeil River sits next to a group of bear viewers as he checks out the river below. McNeil River is home to the largest season congregation of brown bears on earth. When observing large groups of bears proximity comes with the territory. For 40 years people have been visiting this same spot, behaving in a consistent, predictable, manner. As a result the bears can go about the business of being bears without having to worry about human interference. Access to the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary is by permit only.

The McNeil River is very busy with bears during the summer months, as shown in fascinating timelapse, also by Hamilton

via Neatorama