Brilliant Anthropomorphic Portraits of Sleeping People Embroidered Onto Handmade Pillows

Iranian fiber artist Maryam Ashkanian created “Sleep Series” an absolutely brilliant collection of handmade pillows that feature embroidered anthropomorphic images of people various stages of repose, deep inside a dream, leaving the viewer with a sense of calm and wonder. In an interview with The Creator’s Project, Askanian spoke of her inspiration.

I am really interested in sleeping people and I want to explore what they see in their dreams. I also believe they are in a different land or a different life. For me, when I start to sleep I really find myself in the middle of nowhere; in my utopia. I change into another person, or my real character, without a mask …Pillows are a metonymy of a dream. Every person has a close relationship with his or her pillow, it is very, very personal.

via Creator’s Project, Ignant, Colossal