Brightly Colored Accessories for Women and Men Inspired by All Sorts of Yummy Food

Cotton Candy Floss

Dutch designer, blogger and “color and glitter freak” ROMMYDEBOMMY updates her blog on a daily basis with fantastic and colorful accessories that are inspired by all sorts of yummy foods.

I started a year a go with posting my colorful, crazy, lady-like & comic clothing style. Since half a year ago I came up with the idea to make my own accessories, especially necklaces and bags/purses/cluthes. My designs are full of energy, a complete color explosion with sense of humor. I like to look at products in a different way, and go against the rules, because that will create that unique product! <3

Many of Rommy’s whimsical designs are available for purchase through her Etsy shop

Salad Accessories

Pudding Necklace and Clutch


Waffle Necklace

Ice Cream Heels

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