Artist Installs Bright Yellow Illusory Concentric Circles on the French Fortified City of Carcassonne

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Site-specific Swiss artist Felice Varini installed giant, bright yellow, removable concentric circles upon the walls of a historic French fortified city of Carcassonne, transforming the ancient exterior into a spectacular anamorphic illusion. The circles are made of painted sticky aluminum foil that leaves no trace once it is removed. Varini spoke with In Situ about the inspiration for his projects.

(translated) I always work in places built in mazes and architectures of any kind of reality and I intervene regularly with my painting that takes shape directly with the sites … I wanted to work
with curves relative to this architecture …I decided to work with sectors radiating around combinations which eventually becomes all arcs of circles. …one of the materials is reversible and does not leave a trace is a certain type of sticky aluminum foil that is painted. I paint beforehand according to the color that I want.

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