Nine-Year-Old Boy Has a Twitter Account Where He Documents Every Dog He’s Ever Petted

In 2016, a really wonderful then seven-year-old boy named Gideon started a blog called I’ve Pet That Dog, in order to document every dog with whom he’s come in contact and to help homeless animals find their perfect human. Since that time, Gideon has pet hundreds dogs and made his furry mission known to his Twitter followers.

Gideon sat down with Vice to talk about why he started the blog, how he finds the dogs to pet, and his love for animals.

VICE: Why did you start “I’ve Pet That Dog”?
Gideon: Well, there’s a couple of reasons. One, I LOVEEE dogs. Two, I wanted to see how many dogs I could get. And three, I wanted to show the public about all of the dogs. I wanted to show everybody all of the dogs in the world. I don’t think I will ever do that, though. …What we do is, we drive around in a car and then when we see a dog we park. Then we get out and say, “Can I pet your dog?” Well, that’s what I say. And sometimes they are like, “What??”

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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