‘Bodega Cats In Their Own Words’, A Series Telling Stories of New York City Bodega Cats from Their Own Perspective

Bodega Cats In Their Own Words is a wonderful web series from WNYC that tells the stories of different cats who reside in various corner stores (bodegas) around New York City and all its boroughs. Each cat’s story is told in the first person, incorporating in what life had been before the store.

Oliver, who lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, tells the story of how he was rescued.

There’s no cat quite like the New York City bodega cat—killer of rats, fixture of the detergent aisle, silent observer of the human condition. If only these cats could talk. Well, now they can. In this episode, Oliver talks about the luxuries of bodega life, and how one Upper West Side lady saved him from the streets of Yonkers.

Little Carmel, a kitten in Ridgewood, Queens, tells the story of her brief life so far.

Carmel is a fixture of this Polish deli, where dodging kielbasa and pouncing on pickles is all in a day’s work.

And then there’s Victoria and Sheeba of Park Slope, Brooklyn

Everyone knows cats can’t talk, not even bodega cats. So we asked the bodega owners to let the cat out of the bag and they did not pussyfoot around. Imad tells us about Victoria’s comings and goings. Sam gives us the scoop on Sheeba.

via WNYC

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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